Lost Lives (Emily Swanson Crime Thriller Series Book 1)

by Malcolm Richards

Two women. One is missing. The other is losing her mind…

When disgraced young teacher Emily Swanson moves to London, her dreams of starting over are derailed when she learns the former tenant of her new apartment has vanished without a trace.

While some say the woman ran away from her abusive husband, a series of disturbing clues convince Emily that something far worse has happened…

Curiosity grows into obsession and as she digs deeper into the woman’s life, Emily begins to uncover a shocking trail of deaths and disappearances spanning forty years.

How are they all connected? What terrible secret was the woman trying to hide?

But someone knows Emily is searching for answers. Someone who has been watching her every move. Someone who has learned all about her dark and troubling past.

And Emily is about to find out just how far they are prepared to go to bury the terrifying truth…

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Category: Crime Fiction