Lost Souls (The Redstone Chronicles Book One)

by J. T. Bishop

Former Texas Ranger and P.I. Mason Redstone can investigate the dead, but as a medium, he can also talk to them. When Mason’s estranged partner, Trick Monroe, appears asking for Mason’s help to solve a murder, it forces Mason to attempt to rebuild their fractured relationship. But when Trick reverts to his old ways, Mason must question whether it’s best to leave the past behind.
When Trick insists his friend is innocent, Mason reluctantly agrees to help. As they unearth new clues with Mason’s sister Mikey’s assistance, they shed light on unexpected suspects. But when a shocking revelation comes to light, Mason must decide whether to trust his old friend or accuse him.
When their efforts rouse a killer’s interest, can they find a murderer before one of them becomes the next victim?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Lost Dreams (The Redstone Chronicles Book Two)

by J. T. Bishop

Former Texas Ranger Trick Monroe’s first case at his partner’s P.I. agency is an easy one – locate a wealthy woman’s missing brother. But his partner, Mason Redstone, a paranormal researcher and medium, is involved in his own case, and when a malicious entity follows Mason home, it complicates Trick’s investigation.
When their search for the brother leads to murder, and Mason’s brother Max is accused of the crime, Mason must fight not only the malevolence in his home, but also find the person responsible for framing his brother.
With Mason’s sister Mikey’s help, they will seek out the suspects, but Mason’s personal battles will lead him down a destructive path, and their search for evil will reveal a shocking secret that could lead to another murder – one of their own.

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