Lost Symphony

by Christine Anne Libbey

A historical mystery, a wild adventure, and some very dangerous reindeer come together to create a fun page-turner that will answer that age old question…Can you ever escape the Russian Mafia?

Moscow 1938: A young composer is kidnapped by the NKVD and thrown into the Gulags, never to be heard from again…his talents seemingly lost to the world…

Present Day: Krissy is a professional violinist with a troubled romantic past. Her dream comes true when world famous composer Yenawtsky asks her to be the solo violinist for his new symphony. But the moment Krissy lands in St. Petersburg she begins a downward spiral into madness…or does she? Not everything is as it seems when Krissy joins forces with Viktor and the eccentric Detective Plushenko to uncover the mystery of…the Lost Symphony!

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime