Love and Secrets in Hyacinth Bay – Book 1

by Sarah Ryan

A storm’s brewing over the beach town of Hyacinth Bay—and lives are on the line.

Kristy Reed always loved to visit her grandmother’s beach house as a child. Now, a divorcee of 43, she has inherited the house after her grandmother’s passing. It helps that she’s now close to Abigail, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Kristy’s best friend, June Davenport, who disappeared ten years ago. If only she didn’t have to face Abigail’s uncle, who Kristy once thought she would marry…

Shane Davenport never thought he would still be living in Hyacinth Bay at the age of 45. After June’s disappearance, Shane set aside his dreams to help raise Abigail, since his brother, Gerald, was too busy with work. He loves her like she’s his own daughter, but he tiptoes around Gerald, knowing his brother will cut off communication if he gets angry enough…

When Abigail and Gerald are presumed dead after being lost in a storm, Shane and Kristy join forces to find them—reigniting the spark between them that never truly died. But as they uncover more and more secrets, will their growing attraction save them… or will it put their lives in greater danger?

This beachside mystery romance is a beautifully crafted adventure of love, family, and mystery that will keep you curious and wanting more. If you enjoy contemporary women’s fiction and clean romance, this series is a must-read for you!

This is Book 1 of 5 in A Hyacinth Bay Mystery Romance Series. This series is one epic mystery romance story split up into 5 short books.

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