Lover Girl

by Stephen Kronwith

Sammy, Lover Boy Vivino, retired hitman, finds a beautiful woman at his door. Her raised pistol, though, soon dashes any hopes for romance. For she is Angelica Fortuna, conflicted assassin, AKA L’Angelo Della Morte–The Angel of Death. Her father, Don Vito Fortuna, tasked her with one simple order: kill Lover Boy! Angelica, though, has her own agenda and joins Vivino in a race to rescue a kidnapped child, while falling in love with another man she just met. Unfortunately, due to Angelica’s paternal defiance, she and Sammy will face another obstacle–another Fortuna assassin. And he has equally direct orders: kill Lover Boy, Angelica, and whoever gets in the way.
Lover Girl will appeal to those who enjoy strong, female protagonists. Combining hilarious dialogue, romance and suspense it examines the true value of family and friendship–climaxing in two, edge-of-your-seat battles for survival.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths