Magic, Movies, and Murder

by Emily Fluke

Despite the rumors, she’s definitely not a witch, her VHS tapes are not cursed, and renting one absolutely will not hurt anyone – unless they forget to return it on time. Late fees are killer.

Pumpkin spice, buttery popcorn, and gasoline. One of these scents is not like the other and Noema’s nose knows.
As a werewolf who can smell emotions, Noema always finds herself tangled in small-town gossip. Gossip that explodes when superstitious locals cry wolf after a visitor winds up dead in front of Noema’s video rental shop. Can she sniff out the suspects before the rumors put her out of business?

Step into a simpler time in 1990s coastal California where the only complications are cozy mysteries, video rental late fees, and gossiping ghosts. Meet the sassiest vampire, a brooding gargoyle, and a pack of cuddly werewolves.

The Bewitcher’s Beach Paranormal Cozy Mysteries is a series about magical people dealing with small-town drama and finding family through it all. Take a blast into the paranormal past and enjoy the 1990s nostalgia in this cozy combination of THE GOOD WITCH meets THE SOOKIE STACKHOUSE SERIES.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy