Magical Legacy

by Pamela M. Richter

Can supernatural ability be passed on to a new generation?
Michelle was gifted magical talents from an ancient witch relative who was hanged in Salem long ago. Omar has dark magic, as a Necromancer and Warlock—perhaps a Demon. What happens to their progeny?
A fight between good and evil magic is brewing. Two opposing sides of the supernatural will affect three innocent little children. Their lives hang in the balance when Omar tries to claim them, abducting them from the only mother they know. He wants to teach them about dark, evil sorcery.
Michelle endeavors to save the children from the darkness and danger swirling about them. It’s a fight between good and evil for all involved. Especially for Michelle, tempted by the easy, wicked, dark magic, which could change her forever. She is a natural born witch with healing abilities and the power of precognition. She was deemed a White Witch, but the black powers are enticing her.
There is a choice to be made. One leads to greedy temptations and malevolent acts. The harder choice is to remain honorable, using the special paranormal powers only for kindness, healing, and generosity.
Opposites, as in yin and yang, are clashing for control of a beautiful witch and three little children with extraordinary powers.
Witch—er which—will win?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological