Magically Murdered

by Joynell Schultz

Moonstruck Manor is a perfect little bed & breakfast for a romantic getaway…or a murder.

The police hire free-spirited witch Kyla to go undercover to find the killer. Her quirkiness and magical abilities make her perfect to pose as the new chef. Unfortunately, she has a secret: while she can sense hidden magic, she’s terrible at making breakfast.

But that’s not her only problem. The magical deaths were of the previous two chefs, and Kyla is the bait to lure out the killer.

The Paranormal B&B is swarming with potential suspects, ranging from the mysterious gardener to a rival neighbor. And then there’s Mr. Shade, the alluring manager who possesses a special magic Kyla can’t identify. A magic that runs deeper than his talent of drawing women into his arms.

Will Kyla be able to stay focused and uncover the killer before getting lost in Mr. Shade’s mysterious eyes?
Will her burned bacon and soggy pancakes betray her true identity?
Or will she meet her fate and become another of Moonstruck Manor’s unsolved mysteries?

Find out all this and more in the exciting start of the Paranormal Bed & Breakfast series!

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy