Make It Up To Me

by Mark Gillespie

Lisa Granger did the unthinkable. She committed a shocking act of betrayal that no one would dare believe.

One year later, there’s a price to pay. And the cost is everything.

Disaster strikes one morning when a speeding car plunges into the River Clyde. There are two people trapped inside the car and they’re drowning. As the only eyewitness to the crash, Lisa doesn’t hesitate to dive in.

What she finds below the surface will change her life forever.

One year later, a mysterious letter turns up on Lisa’s doorstep. A letter written by a dead man. The dead man knows what she did that day under the water.

And he’s got a score to settle.

Make It Up To Me is a chilling psychological suspense thriller about loss, regret and redemption. Guaranteed to keep you guessing and turning the pages. If you love fast-paced thrillers packed full of mystery and suspense, you’ll love Make It Up To Me.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological