Manticore: A SCYTHE Division Thriller

by Darren Guthrie

A deadly international arms dealer

An illegal shipment of cruise missiles heading for Alaska

Only one team is close enough to stop the sale

8 Force Recon Marines against a small army

To stop a devastating missile attack against the United States

Staff Sergeant Gabriel Shaw leads the men of 7th Squad, 4th Force Recon Marines in a mission to apprehend an international arms dealer known only as ‘Panther’.

A simple assignment that quickly turns into something far more deadly, as Shaw and his men uncover a plot to cause untold damage to the United States and the world economy.

With no time, no backup, and a well-equipped army against them, 7th Squad races across the frozen Alaskan wastes to stop the attack, putting their own lives on the line to save countless others.

MANTICORE is the first book in the explosive SCYTHE Division thriller series.

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Category: Thrillers – Military