Marcia’s Dead

by Tannis Laidlaw

Who killed Marcia?
Beautiful but difficult, Marcia…

Ted answers the telephone to discover his ex-wife, Marcia, is dead, accidentally drowned in the sea below the house that he built on a remote beach in the north of New Zealand, a house he lost in the divorce. Marcia – lively but infuriating Marcia. Gone. The mother of their daughter Holly who is devastated. Ted needs to support Holly and soon finds himself a guest at ‘his’ beach house.

But the police become involved. Marcia’s death is not accidental, they say, but suspicious. As is Ted’s involvement.

He should have stayed away.

Come along for a roller-coaster ride, what with Marcia’s death, wills, illness, a remote beach house, betrayal and love. A mesmerizing read, Marcia’s Dead is an emotive experience, transporting the reader to the dangerous beauty of New Zealand’s beaches while providing an absorbing mystery to unravel.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime