by Sue Coletta

When a serial killer breaks into the home of bestselling author Sage Quintano, she barely escapes with her life. Her husband, Niko, a homicide detective, insists they move to rural New Hampshire, where he accepts a position as Grafton County Sheriff.

Sage buries secrets from that night, secrets she swears to take to her deathbed.

Three years of anguish and painful memories pass, and a grisly murder case lands on Niko’s desk. A strange caller torments Sage—she can’t outrun the past.

When Sage’s twin sister suddenly goes missing, Sage searches Niko’s case files and discovers similarities to the Boston killer. A sadistic psychopath preys on innocent women, marring their bodies in unspeakable ways. And now, he has her sister.

Cryptic clues, hidden messages… Is the killer hinting at his identity? Or is he luring Sage into a trap to end his reign of terror with a matching set of corpses?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological


by Sue Coletta

The SLEEPY little town of Alexandria JUST WOKE UP. Even after Sheriff Niko Quintano fights a blizzard and finds the victims of a serial killer nailed to trees, he brushes off Sage’s concerns about her safety. Until she vanishes.

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