Mask of Silence Box Set – Books 1-2

by Alex C. Gates

They buried their dark secret…

…And a vengeful demon crawled out to punish their silence.

Mask of Silence

A group of unsuspecting friends summon a demon after a murderous accident. It will stop at nothing to kill them for their crime. Will they face the truth before its too late? Or will the demon slaughter each one?

What’s Left of the Night

Annie is a detective for the Ayser Sheriff’s Department. One night, she arrives at a murder scene. The victim is chopped in pieces. A list of five names is found written in blood. And a face is drawn over a stone.

The same face from the Masked Massacre incident a year ago.

You’ll love the Mask of Silence Box Set, because of the psychological twists and damaged characters.

Read the series today!

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Category: Suspense