MAX (Book 1, Homecoming)

by Simon King

First they raped his girlfriend. Then they murdered his brother. Isn’t revenge the sweetest thing?
Dylan never expected to end up in maximum-security at just 18. But after being involved in a horrific car accident with his brother, he’s locked up in the worst prison imaginable. Now isolated and alone, he must face one of the most dangerous places on earth, where prison gangs rule and authority doesn’t wear a badge.
After being forced to smuggle drugs for one of the worst gangs in the prison, Dylan is caught in a downward spiral, into a world where justice is served in blood. Can a kid save himself from hell on earth or will the gangs end his life forever?
Homecoming is the first book in the MAX series, an often raw and brutal story of survival. If you like your books fast-paced, gripping and original, then you’ll love this new and exciting crime thriller series.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime

MAX (Book 2, Initiation)

by Simon King

With the death of his brother, Aiden, still fresh in his mind, Dylan faces more grief when he’s betrayed by someone closest to him. With the Jesters continuing to force his hand, Dylan faces his toughest choice yet, to face them alone or join one of the rival gangs.

But joining a gang isn’t easy in a place built to house the worst of them. Initiation in this place involves spilling blood, breaking bones and fighting for your very life. Trapped in a world where battles are counted by scars, Dylan knows that the initiation is just the beginning. Will he make the right decision or the biggest mistake of his life?

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