Maximus: A Harvey Nolan Thriller

by S. C. Abbey

A missing woman. Her dead husband. A 600-pound tiger. To what extent must Harvey go to reveal a shocking secret?

Dr. Harvey Nolan, a Nobel prize-winning Columbia Professor, isn’t expecting the FBI at his office after his first blood-soaking brush with them many years ago. Trouble again, it seems. In a dark and damp dungeon, a frightened woman wakes up to find herself chained to her bed, her screams echo. Interpol Agent Katie Moulin, a jaded ex-FBI, grudgingly returns to the ground when things get chaotic with a single divergent event. As if the influx of drugs isn’t causing her enough problems. Caught in a crossfire between a merciless assassin and the FBI for a crime he did not commit, can Harvey clear his name before it is too late? As New York City becomes a hotbed of crime, Harvey and Katie are forced to battle enemies and allies closing in alike.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime