Mediums & Murder

by Elle Wren Burke

She never wanted the Sight. But some things can’t be unseen…
Alara Beatty leads a safe and snug life in Prickly Pear, Arizona, where she’s able to keep her secret psychic powers just where she likes them—limited to listening to dogs complain about the lack of steak in their bowls. But when one of Alara’s close coworkers is stabbed at their desk in the early morning, she is overcome by a powerful vision of her friend’s final moments.
Alara knows her psychic abilities could help find the killer, but people treat you kind of funny if you go around telling them you’ve seen your dead friend. Plus it’s not like she can conjure the visions up on demand. But when long-lost Aunt Irene turns up unexpectedly, she brings a stunning revelation—they both come from a long line of psychic talent. And Aunt Irene has experience tracking down criminals…

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Category: Mystery – Cozy