Melissa Weller And The Curse of Branford Manor

by Robert Sounvonnakasy

In the quiet town of Russelfield, Alabama, there’s a manor shrouded in mystery and fear. Melissa Weller is about to discover the truth behind the abandoned estate. But what she doesn’t know is that she is about to be cursed in a way that is beyond her darkest nightmares.

“This is the first book in a small series and one of my favorite ghost books of the year. Once you finish it, trust me, you’ll crave for the next chapter. I believe it’s one of those books that could be turned into a successful blockbuster.” –, six most riveting ghost books of 2023

“If Stephen King, Colleen Hoover and Jackie Chan were to join forces and write a novel, this book would be a byproduct of their combined imagination.” – Amazon customer review

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Category: Suspense