Melody, Music and Murder

by Constance Barker

A Fiery Murder, a Magical Musical Family and a Singing Skunk

Jasmine Mazurski has her hands full with two daughters, Ally and Penze, an ornery Father-in-law Eddie, and his eccentric sister Zelda. Jasmine, aka Jazz, is a widow who runs the Mazurski Music store along with her family in Ohio. Besides taking care of everyone’s musical needs, the local high school band included, the family also brushes up on their musical magic as well. The family’s musical ability makes their magic stronger…and that could get them into trouble if they can’t figure out how to manage it. The singing skunk, Alfonzo, is just one of those musical problems when folks come to visit. Burt, the poodle, is a little more normal, although he is a familiar, just not the feline kind. However, Cousin Madge is stranger than the animals. She’s come to visit, but her odd demeanor and out of the blue appearance has some scratching their heads.

When a stranger enters their store telling the family to find another hobby as his business is going to take over their little family run store, the hackles come out. Eddie turns the man out on his ear, but not before customers get an earful. Then when a fiery death is uncovered, will the Mazurski’s be on the top of the suspect list? Something strange is happening at the high school too. Numbers aren’t adding up. Is it all connected or is there an unrelated situation at hand?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy