Memories of A Murder

by Sid Kar

Frank Kirk, a NJ State Police homicide detective and an Ex-Army Ranger, investigates the most perplexing case of his life with unexpected help from a potentially mad neuroscientist who offers to extract memories from the murder victim’s dead brain.

For Frank, a case of a truck driver’s assassination is only the beginning of a rabbit hole that will see him pursue a professional hitman, investigate a mysterious oil tycoon and match wits and bullets against a team of tier one renegade mercenaries. A serendipitous intervention by a CIA agent with her own secrets brings foreboding of a link back to the war he had fought in Afghanistan.

Frank will need all his combat experience – for his enemies too are battle hardened killers who will stop at nothing to protect their secrets. From improvising on his Jungle Warfare training just to stand a chance at survival to a deadly gunfight amidst a high speed truck chase down the highway; Frank’s partner at his side will be his old, trusted rifle.

But his most unexpected partnership happens with an eccentric man whose bizarre experiment threatens to reveal the secrets men take with them to their graves.

Dead men tell no tales; but memories from a dead brain may tell a story of a Murder!

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Category: Thrillers – Crime