Merciless Crimes

by Tikiri Herath

A missing schoolgirl. An exclusive academy. A devious murderer out for vengeance. IF YOU SAW HER DISAPPEAR, YOU COULD BE NEXT…

A fifteen-year-old girl vanishes from a private girls’ boarding school.

In desperation, the principal turns to Asha Kade’s detective agency.

Asha takes on the case, despite the fearful nightmares of her dark past as a trafficked survivor surging through her mind.

She must keep a steely resolve as death and danger await.

An unseen killer strikes just as Asha steps onto the secluded grounds of the academy. These hallowed halls of ivy hide disturbing secrets no one wants her to see.

Asha is no longer just searching for a girl.
She’s hunting a tormented criminal mind who must be unmasked before they kill again.

And her instincts tell her the elusive killer is closer than everyone thinks…

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths