Merciless Legacy

by Tikiri Herath

Enclosed by the woods. Cut off by a storm. Three will die.

PI Asha Kade is a self-made warrior woman who bears the scars of a trafficked youth.
She has created a new life in New York now. Engaged to the love of her life and surrounded by her closest friends, things are finally looking up.

But her dark past refuses to leave her alone.
A wealthy acquaintance summons her to her deathbed and makes a cryptic wish. “Find my children and tell them I did it for love.” Looking into the dying woman’s eyes, Asha has a hard time saying no.

Tormented by her vow, she travels to the secluded mansion at the base of the White Mountains. Within hours, a household member is found dead. She has stumbled across a disturbing family secret, far more sinister than she imagined.

But a severe storm has isolated the mansion from town.

Can Asha stay one step ahead of the killer before they hunt her down, too?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths