Merciless Murder Mystery Thriller Omnibus

by Tikiri Herath

A wealthy woman makes a strange deathbed request. Looking into her dying eyes, Private Detective Asha Kade has no choice but to say yes.

From now on, every murder case she solves will have a million-dollar payout. Paid for by the dead client’s estate.

But there’s a catch. The money must go to a charity for orphaned children.

As Asha uncovers the shocking truths behind each twisted small-town mystery, she stumbles across sinister secrets, deadly family deceptions, and old homes shrouded in mystery.

Fighting her personal demons, she tackles the cold cases, but gets drawn deeper into evil underworlds and dark pasts.

The stakes are high.

Others are watching.

They will stop at nothing to keep the terrifying truths that lie buried deep in these small towns from being revealed. And their target is Asha.

Will Asha have to risk her life to fulfill her client’s dying wish?

One omnibus filled with six page-turning murder mystery thrillers.

Packed with heart-stopping suspense, locked-room mysteries, and psychological twists.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators