Merciless Past

by Tikiri Herath

A white winter wedding. Red blood on her veil. EVIL IS CLOSER THAN SHE THINKS…

Private investigator Asha Kade gets a surprise invitation from an old friend in New Hampshire.

Victoria has found true love. Asha can’t wait to see her again and meet the groom she’s been gushing about. A man Victoria’s known for only six months.

But as a trafficked survivor, Asha knows to trust her instincts. The minute she arrives at the private ski lodge where the wedding will take place, she realizes something is wrong.

Something is wrong with this place.

Something is wrong with Victoria.

When Asha discovers the first body, she knows she has stumbled on a dark family secret worth killing for…

Who is the killer seated among the wedding guests?

Who will they go after next?

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths