Meth Murder & Amazon

by G. S. Gerry

What if someone wrote a book about you? Would you be the hero or the villain?…
From the master of enduring Murphy’s Law comes Meth Murder & Amazon

Meet Derald Grake: on the surface he’s an average, everyday Joe Schmuckatelli. Not a hero in the traditional sense, except to his family. He used to be a reasonably sane employee, possibly even an “asset” during his tenure working for Amazon.

In a cruel twist of fate, his life takes an ill-fated turn in the most ordinary way possible…listing the family home for sale.

Murphy’s Law states “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. How you choose to deal with it…is up to you.

Let the metamorphosis begin!

Now Introducing Ricinburg: a one-of-a-kind murdering psychopath that also cooks meth in his garage, on the side. Hide your kids, hide you wife…hide the realtors?

No one is safe, but Mr. Grake wasn’t always this way.

What happened to this father of 4 that would drive him to despicable acts of villainy? Culminating in an unbelievable accusation of murdering one of his very own children.

Quit Meth’in Around & climb aboard the methacoaster as G. S. Gerry takes you on an unforgettable comedic journey of a lifetime.

$2.99 Previously $5.55

Category: Suspense