by R. Allen Chappell

Chappell is at his best with this gripping mystery/thriller. Both traditional and modern Navajo culture are artfully woven around the tale of Mexico’s most ruthless killer loose on the reservation.

“ No one knew what a really bad man was… now they do!”

Charlie, Thomas, and Harley Ponyboy can track prey but can they catch a killer before he catches them? Old and new characters join, in this exciting new addition to the Navajo Nation Mystery series.

“Chappell takes a bold new direction with this thriller, raising storytelling and knowledge of the Navajo culture to an entirely new level. We dare you to put it down before the hair-raising end.“

Mojado, a stand-alone novel, is book number four in the Navajo Nation Mystery Series.

$1.99 Previously $5.99

Category: Mystery – Series