Molls Like It Hot

by Darren Dash

Eyrie Brown used to serve in the Army, until a tragic loss forced him to return to civilian life earlier than planned. Now he drives one of London’s iconic black cabs. On a dark, wet night, he gives a lift to a wounded gangster, and everything changes from that point on.

When the mob lord gets in touch later, offering Eyrie a small fortune if he will take care of a mysterious young woman for a weekend, Eyrie is hesitant. He can see trouble ahead, but the money will change his life, so he reluctantly agrees to become a temporary guardian. But murder is on the cards, and his vengeful “moll” turns out to be far more of a handful than he had ever anticipated. As twist follows twist and bodies start to mount, Eyrie gets backed into a blood-soaked corner and must resort to desperate, inventive measures if he is to stand any chance of seeing his mission through and making it out of the weekend alive.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Thrillers – Pulp