Monsoon Rising

by David Lee Corley

When Billy Gamble arrived in Thailand he wasn’t looking for a fight; just a cold beer and a massage or two. Now he’s wanted for murder and on the run… again…

Monsoon Rising is an intense thriller set in the seedy bars and backwaters of Southeast Asia. It’s about a modern-day cowboy’s desperate hunt in a foreign land for a nomadic serial killer that turns-the-tables on his pursuers and wreaks havoc in paradise.

Billy’s harrowing journey is joined by Eve Donahue, an experienced PI that knows how to find those that don’t want to be found. The deeper they dig, the more they learn about the true meaning of evil and the more dangerous their search for the sadistic Nomad becomes.

Will Billy be imprisoned far from home for a crime he didn’t commit? Can Billy and Eve stop the nomad before he kills again? And finally, who is hunting whom?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological