Moral Infidelity

by Rebecca Warner

It is the summer of 1989, and a controversial Supreme Court ruling has opened the door for states to enact stricter abortion laws. Pro-Life Florida Governor Michael Romano is determined to lead the nation in exploiting this first crack in Roe v Wade.

While campaigning to further his agenda, he meets a wealthy young widow, Kristin Long, who sets her sights on the governor. Despite a faithful marriage of seventeen years, Romano is drawn into an affair that, even with precautions, results in an unintended pregnancy. Now Kristin wants him and his baby, and she will publicly destroy him if he doesn’t leave his wife to marry her.

Choice takes on a whole new meaning for Romano as he plumbs his conscience and weighs his ever-narrowing options. What possible choice will allow him to pull free from the tangled web he has woven? And will that choice lead to his salvation, or his ruin?

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Category: Suspense