Moth Busters

by Margaret Lashley

The weirdness of The X-Files collides with the unwashed insanity of Florida itself in this best-selling, laugh-out-loud comic mystery series readers are calling: “Hilarious, weird, and entertaining!”

Ride along with Bobbie, a snarky, burned-out mall cop, as she tries to put the brakes on Grayson, a rogue physicist turned conspiracy nut. Uh, good luck with that … “Ludicrous!!!!! I loved it!”

Together, this mismatched duo ramble off the beaten path in a rundown RV, investigating people and places so bizarre they’re redefining what qualifies as “paranormal” in the Sunshine State.

“Not too scary or over-the-top paranormal. A truly fun read!”

If your current reality already feels kind of like an episode of The Twilight Zone, why not go for broke? Grab a seat on the Mothman Express!

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Category: Mystery – Series