Mr. Sugar

by L. D. Fox

How far would you go to protect your secrets?

Drew Sugar had the perfect life. A beautiful home, a doting daughter, a loving wife. But the violent car accident that claimed his wife, Juliet, shattered his picturesque world. It’s taken him almost a year to piece himself together, and he’s vowed that the disturbing events leading up to that fateful day will never be repeated.

When Angel comes into his life – young and beautiful as sin – he knows she’s just after his money. But he doesn’t care because he’s desperate to fill the void Juliet left behind. And when someone threatens to steal Angel away, he’s determined not to let her go.

Now no one is safe because Mr. Sugar will do whatever it takes to ensure that his disturbing secret remains buried.

A gripping psychological thriller with a killer twist. For fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train.

$0.00 Previously $3.97

Category: Thrillers – Psychological