Murder at the Bingo Hall

by Linda Perelman Pohl

Sunday night bingo can be deadly. Just ask Ethel and Nellie. Their friend, Priscilla, needed just one number to win. Bursting with excitement when I-17 was called, she started to shout “BINGO!” Suddenly she grabbed her chest and slumped over dead with her two lucky trolls and her rosary beads by her side. Her two bingo buddies had good reason to believe she’d been murdered. Fearing the police investigation was going nowhere, these two feisty seniors take matters into their own hands and vow to solve the case. These quirky, amateur sleuths use creative, unconventional means to uncover evidence to try to find the murderer. Ouija boards, psychics and Nellie’s Catch-a-Killer cookies (recipes included) all play a part in their search for justice. What did Priscilla stumble upon that made her a killer’s target? And will these two bingo-dabbing sleuths be able to solve the crime before they become the next victims?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy