Murder at the Chocolatier

by Dani Simms

As secrets melt like molten chocolate, a determined detective must navigate a web of intrigue to uncover the bitter truth.

The life of innkeeper and vineyard owner, Avery Parker, is suddenly interrupted as she discovers two of her dear friends are suspected in the small-town chocolatier’s sudden death.

Partnered up with her devoted golden retriever, Sprinkles, Avery dons her amateur detective hat and uses her keen observation to solve the case by uncovering truths about the most unexpected suspects.

But the clues aren’t adding up, and Avery is forced to question those closest to her in unimaginable ways.

As time runs out, she must not only clear her friends’ names but also avoid a killer who just may attack her next.

Join Avery on a delectable journey through the charming small town of Los Robles, where she unravels a tantalizing blend of small-town charm, clean romance, and culinary cozy mystery in “Murder at the Chocolatier.”

Wine pairings and irresistible recipes included!

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy