Murder in Mystic Grove

by S.F. Bose

Liz Bean was a field interpreter for a military contractor in Virginia. After 4 years of working on dangerous missions in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, a traumatic event prompts her to take an unpaid leave of absence. She and her two cats return home to her family’s Bed and Breakfast in the village of Mystic Grove. All she wants now is time to think. However, she also needs a paying job.

Soon Liz is working as an intern for Sam Nolan Private Investigations. After a longtime Mystic Grove resident is murdered, Liz is shocked to learn that her divorced mother’s boyfriend, Ben, is a key suspect. Liz and Sam agree to find the real killer and clear Ben’s name. With all of the lies and deception they find, Liz realizes that Mystic Grove isn’t the innocent village she remembered. Can Liz find the killer before he strikes again? Or will she become the murderer’s next victim?

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Cozy