Murderous Acts

by Colin Knight

A chance encounter and an overheard conversation was all it took to undo the psychotherapy that had buried David’s bitterness and suppressed his desire for revenge.

Little by little, the ruthless characters David had once played on London’s premier stages, forced their way in to his consciousness.

Deluded by a demanding imaginary audience, and manipulated by an increasingly powerful subconscious, David is compelled to act.

Killing for the adulation of his ‘audience’, David cleansed his past, purged the unworthy and settled his soul.


Little by little, unknown by David, the protective and inquisitive child of the woman he loves has watched, made notes, and took photographs.

As the killings become more personal, and the child reveals what he knows, David must make a choice.

Is he too far gone to make a rational choice?

Will his now dominant subconscious demand David kill the child of the woman he loves?

Will David’s imaginary audience recoil at the murder of a child?

Or is there another way out?

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Category: Crime Fiction