Death on the Quai by Evan Hirst

Death on the Quai

by Evan Hirst

A film shoot in Paris… What could possibly go wrong?

For Ava Sext, a transplanted Londoner who sells books from an outdoor stand that overlooks the Seine, an early morning knock on her door leads to a job on a film shoot. Her film career gets off to a roaring start when she finds a dead man her first day on the job.

With the help of her fellow bookseller, Henri DeAth, a former notary in a country where notaries are a powerful caste, Ava investigates the strange goings-on in the production while rekindling a relationship with the film’s producer, an old flame who may or may not be the killer.

Death on the Quai is a light-hearted cozy mystery set in Paris, a city where food, wine and crime make life worth living… along with a few books and Mercury, the cat.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Sam’s Song by Hannah Howe

Sam’s Song

by Hannah Howe

Sam’s Song is book one in the Amazon #1 Sam Smith Mystery Series. Each book in the series combines a psychological mystery with humor and romance, and can be read as a stand-alone. Hannah Howe is an official Amazon #1 bestselling author. Her most recent success is Saving Grace, a hot 100 new release in America and a #1 bestseller in Australia.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Witches of Dark Root by April Aasheim

The Witches of Dark Root

by April Aasheim

Deep in the forests of Oregon is a small town called Dark Root, a town steeped in magick, mystery, secrets, and witchcraft. But for Maggie Maddock, Dark Root is also a prison – a place where she is forced to work in her mother’s Magick Shoppe while the rest of the world moves forward without her. When a mysterious stranger offers to take Maggie away from it all, she leaves without looking back.

Seven years later, Maggie is called home. There she is confronted with a renewed sibling rivalry, a mother suffering a mysterious illness, and a town that’s lost it’s literal magick. Now Maggie must decide if she will use her newly discovered abilities to aid those she loves or run from her responsibilities once again.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Magick of Dark Root

by April Aasheim

In the second installment of The Daughters of Dark Root Series, Maggie Maddock and her sisters are back, training in the ways of magick under the tutelage of their coven-leader mother, Miss Sasha Shantay. But life isn’t as smooth as Maggie had hoped. Harvest Home’s taxes have come due, and her mother’s illness has returned, stronger than ever.

Desperate, Maggie and Eve devise a scheme to make money through witchcraft.
And that’s when things go terribly wrong. Featuring haunted Victorian houses, a family magick shop, and real-world witchcraft, history and lore, this multi-generational family saga series will send both shivers and giggles up and down your spine.

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Isabella’s Painting by Ellen Butler

Isabella’s Painting

by Ellen Butler

In 1990 Boston’s Gardner Museum was robbed of $500 million worth of artwork. Twenty-eight years later the art remains at large … until now.
Peeling back layers of lies could save a masterpiece or reveal a killer.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime

Centaur of the Crime: Book One of ‘Fantasy and Forensics’ by Michael Angel

Centaur of the Crime: Book One of ‘Fantasy and Forensics’

by Michael Angel

C.S. Lewis meets CSI in the fantasy-mystery series, ‘Fantasy & Forensics’.

Dayna Chrissie, LAPD’s leading Crime Scene Analyst, enjoys nothing more than finding the one clue that can solve a crime. When she finds a golden medallion on a body that’s been dumped at a downtown construction site, she doesn’t think it’s all that unusual. Until that medallion transports her to the magical world of Andeluvia.

Dayna’s been summoned to solve the murder of the realm’s king before war breaks out with the Centaur Realm. But she ends up with a team of cast-offs: a centaur wizard with father issues, a brash griffin warrior, and the world’s unluckiest magical deer.

When the trail of evidence leads Dayna back to L.A., she must use all her forensic knowledge to solve the case. The price of failure? A war that will kill millions and devastate Andeluvia.

Hope she works best under pressure.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The Gaslight Gunslinger: Book One of Matthew Slade by Sugar Lee Ryder


The Gaslight Gunslinger: Book One of Matthew Slade

by Sugar Lee Ryder

1878: San Francisco’s changed from a Gold-Rush era boomtown into a bustling city full of money, Victorian-style bawdy houses, and a loose sense of the law at best.

Enter Matthew Slade. Formerly the Pinkerton Detective Agency’s best gun-hand, investigator, and tracker. No sooner does he arrive at San Francisco’s stockyard than he rescues Mai Lee, a little Chinese girl, from a pair of thugs intent on kidnapping her.

Slade finds out that the girl is wanted by Huang Sun, the leader of the dominant tong – a Chinese crime syndicate that runs opium dens, fan-tan parlors, and prostitution in the city. And Slade can’t walk away, even if he wanted to. His first paid job as a free agent is to keep Mai Lee out of Sun’s hands – no matter the cost!

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Category: Mystery – Series