Home for Truths by Alan Agnew

Home for Truths

by Alan Agnew

#1 UK Bestseller with 5-star reviews, free on KU.
The lie didn’t cost anything, but the truth could cost him everything.
Following the death of his father, Phil returns to his childhood home thirty years after the devastating suicide of his brother and break up of his parents’ marriage. He discovers disturbing evidence forcing him to re-trace the tragic events of the past, raising new suspicions against a wall of silence. Phil must also manage his own demons if he is to seek the true circumstance of his brother’s death and take his own revenge.
First-time novelist Alan Agnew tackles emotive and difficult subjects to deliver a compelling, page-turner exploring destructive family relationships with devilishly dark twists.
Will be enjoyed by fans of Robert Galbraith, James Harper and Lisa Jewell.

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Category: Suspense

The Blue Rose by Terry Toler

The Blue Rose

by Terry Toler

Wanda Rose is the greatest jazz singer of her day. How is it possible that her husband of twelve years never heard her sing?

In this latest riveting crime drama mystery, Terry Toler takes the reader through twists and turns to an ending you’ll never see coming.

“Terry Toler is a well written, rising star in fiction.” Michael DeAngelo.

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths

Legacy by Derick Parsons


by Derick Parsons

Jack O’Neill is a troubled detective with a dark past he’s spent his life trying to forget. Now he must face that past if he’s to have any chance of a future. But the death of a young boy is not all it seems, and Jack’s investigation will lead to a shocking discovery that leaves the fate of untold millions in his uncertain hands.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

The Eidola Project by Robert Herold

The Eidola Project

by Robert Herold

19th Century paranormal investigators become ensnared in a deadly investigation of a haunted house. (Imagine Stephen King, Caleb Carr, and Sherlock Holmes thrown in blender and whipped up to a bloody froth.)

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Cutthroat Cupcakes by Cate Lawley


Cutthroat Cupcakes

by Cate Lawley

Killer cupcakes?

Seems improbable to Lina, but when an attractive detective snaps cuffs on her and accuses her of witchy crimes she’s forced to reconsider.

The murder weapon? A cupcake topper sold in Lina’s shop, Sticky, Tricky Treats.
The method? A killing curse.
The curse’s origin? Lina…sort of.

Except Lina hadn’t a clue that she was a witch, and certainly didn’t know she’d accidentally cursed some of her confections.

She’s got to catch the killer who’s used her magic to murder or face a conviction as an accessory.
Now, if only the wizard detective assigned to the case weren’t such a distraction.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy


The Mystery of Julia Episcopa by John I. Rigoli & Diane Cummings

The Mystery of Julia Episcopa

by John I. Rigoli & Diane Cummings

‘The Mystery of Julia Episcopa’ weaves seamlessly between modern-day Rome and the politics of the Catholic church, and the times and life of a 1st-century Roman noblewoman who rose to be a dominant force in the early Christian movement.
“Three women connected by two intertwined stories of treacherous political intrigues, ancient cover-ups, and savage vengeance.”

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Category: Mystery – Historical