Brass in Pocket by Stephen Puleston

Brass in Pocket

by Stephen Puleston

Who killed two traffic police officers on an isolated mountain pass? When Inspector Ian Drake arrives at the scene it sickens him to the core. Now he has a killer to find. The killer starts sending the Wales Police Service lyrics from famous rock songs. Are they messages or is there some hidden meaning in them? Does it all mean more killings are likely? When a politician is killed Drake has his answer. And then the killer sends more song lyrics. Now Drake has to face the possibility of more deaths but with numbers dominating the case Drake has to face his own rituals and obsessions.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals

Where Fear Ends by Mary B. Barbee

Where Fear Ends

by Mary B. Barbee

When a town councilman is found dead by the side of the road in Abigail Baker’s new community, she finds herself wondering if her recent move was the right decision. Wearing the amateur sleuthing hat that she inherited honestly from her mother, Abigail settles in and solves her first murder, proving there is happiness to be found Where Fear Ends.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Navajo Autumn by R Allen Chappell

Navajo Autumn

by R Allen Chappell

Thomas Begay is found dead-drunk under the La Plata Bridge …not unusual for Thomas Begay. What is unusual, is BIA investigator Patsy Greyhorse, found lying beside him …not drunk, or even a Navajo, but very dead nonetheless. Long time friend Charlie Yazzi, fresh from law school, risks his career …and even his life to help his old schoolmate. The Answer seems to lie with the Yeenaaldiooshii …should one choose to believe in such things. In the far reaches of the reservation there still are traditional Navajos living their lives with few concessions to modern mores.

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Category: Mystery – Series

The NSA Files by Terry Persun

The NSA Files

by Terry Persun

Shaman Detective, Dan Johnston is working for the NSA to halt an underground group from manipulating politicians through shamanic methods. Dan and his son, Jason, must weave there way through the latest technology using old world shamanic tools—which poses to be a dangerous job.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

The Finding Machine by Lucy Lyons

The Finding Machine

by Lucy Lyons


One winter morning in 1998, Alex Martin inherits a mysterious invention from her late father. The Finding Machine solves mysteries. But the biggest mystery of all lies deep within its wiring — the unsolved disappearance of a little girl, dating back seventy years.

What happened to the girl, all those years ago? Who was she?

Alex and her handsome housemate, Antony, must follow the dots to solve the mystery. But, as dark family secrets are revealed, will the Finding Machine bring them together…or push them further apart?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Magical Mystery Book Club: Box Set Books 1-3 by Elizabeth Pantley

Magical Mystery Book Club: Box Set Books 1-3

by Elizabeth Pantley

It’s a magical cozy mystery book club! When this group chooses a book, magic happens. The mystery comes to life, and they find themselves part of the story. Each book introduces them to interesting paranormal characters and thrusts them into a murder mystery firsthand. To exit the book and get back home, this brave, quirky group needs to solve the mystery and reach The End.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy