Mediums & Murder by Elle Wren Burke

Mediums & Murder

by Elle Wren Burke

This novice psychic didn’t see her friend’s murder coming. Now, she’ll have to master her powers pronto to catch the killer. Alara has a safe life in Prickly Pear, AZ, where she keeps her psychic powers just where she likes them—listening to dogs beg for fresh steak. All that changes when a close coworker is murdered. She knows her powers can help find the killer, but fears losing control. A solution arrives in Alara’s biological aunt, who brings a stunning revelation—their family is a powerhouse of psychic talent. As Alara considers accepting her aunt’s help, she runs into her potential paramour, police officer Rudi Rivera, who grows suspicious of Alara’s impossible knowledge of the case. Determined to find the killer, she puts her abilities to the test, risking the stability of her world and her relationship with Rudi. Can she solve the murder without ruining her life?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

The Carnation Murder (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 1) by Tam May

The Carnation Murder (Adele Gossling Mysteries: Book 1)

by Tam May

Adele Gossling seeks peace and small pleasures in Arrojo after the death of her father. Peace is exactly what she doesn’t get when she discovers her neighbor’s dead body in her gazebo. The police have a firm suspect but Adele is sure he’s innocent. But if he didn’t do it, who did? – “Really well paced and researched appropriately for the era.”

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Murder at the Marina by Danielle Collins

Murder at the Marina

by Danielle Collins

There’s nothing like the peaceful rocking of a houseboat on the water to help you relax. And nothing can ruin that faster than a knife in the back!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Black Danube by Nik Grybaski

Black Danube

by Nik Grybaski

In Vienna 1899, corruption, murder, and forbidden love flourish in the sordid world of the city’s ghettos. The perfect place for crime photographer Leo Katz, a fraud with a dark secret, to hide. When a young man is found dead and his fiancée is wrongly accused, his images reveal the killers. However, Leo risks exposing his true identity to save the woman from the gallows. But time is running out, and Leo must bring the murderers to justice before he becomes the next victim.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

Missing Amanda: A Lou Fleener Mystery (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 1) by Duane Lindsay

Missing Amanda: A Lou Fleener Mystery (Lou Fleener Mysteries Book 1)

by Duane Lindsay

P.I. Lou Fleener—an expert in Chicago gangster lore—is hired against his better judgment to find the adorable missing daughter of a wise guy. Only Amanda’s not really missing. In fact, there is no Amanda. The gangster’s got a devious agenda of his own.

But by the time Lou’s found that out, he’s got four crime bosses gunning for him.

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

A Spirited Swindler by Clare Lockhart

A Spirited Swindler

by Clare Lockhart

Empty nested and excited to start a new chapter in life, Quinn is almost ready to open her new lakeside café in the small town of Bookend Bay.

Everything is perfect until she realizes she’s being followed.

Confronting the stranger sets Quinn on a course where her problems no longer revolve around selecting a feature scone. She’s suddenly questioning everything she believed about her marriage and her sanity.

Midlife isn’t supposed to bring a change like this!

When police question her about a murder, Quinn quickly realizes she can’t tell anyone but her best friend about the conniving, ghostly stranger who’s stalking her. No one would believe she’s been talking to a dead person, and Quinn is barely coping with the truth herself.

Things go from bad to worse when the ghost makes her agenda clear—an exchange of favors that could save or sink Quinn’s café before she serves her first spiced latte.

The closer she gets to the truth, the more afraid she becomes of a horrible secret that could ruin her life.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy