Purity Pursuit by Robert Brown

Purity Pursuit

by Robert Brown

Heinrich Muller is a private detective with a past he’d rather forget. When he is asked to investigate the murder of an antiques dealer with a history of dealing Nazi memorabilia it opens a case that is as personal as it is professional.

Muller’s investigations soon take him to Europe, where he chases down dealers in Nazi memorabilia and comes up against Europe’s far-right parties. He soon uncovers a plot to find the missing gold train. Teaming up with him is a beautiful Polish civil rights campaigner and a troubled teen boy Muller tries to pull away from the influence of a neo-Nazi militia.

Can Heinrich get to the bottom of this case or will he succumb to the overwhelming pressure?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators

Throwaway Faces by Josef Alton

Throwaway Faces

by Josef Alton

1889 Seattle, on the eve of the Great Fire, Throw Away Faces follows a Scotsman caught in a conspiracy as he tracks down a killer determined to halt historical progress.

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Category: Mystery – Historical

The Middle Finger of Fate by Kim Hunt Harris

The Middle Finger of Fate

by Kim Hunt Harris

All Salem Grimes expects as she walks into the church is her regular Tuesday morning AA meeting, but when she encounters a dead body instead, she does what any self-respecting clueless amateur would do — she freaks completely out and shouts words good Christians aren’t even supposed to know.

But when Salem learns that her ex-husband Tony is accused of the murder, she wonders if God might be steering her toward a chance of helping him and thereby redeeming herself — or at least a chance to make up for the pain she caused him when they were married and she was drinking.

With the help of her new octogenarian BFF Viv and the emotional support of her dog Stump, can Salem keep her act together long enough to sow some good seeds for a change?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Unsightly Bulges

by Kim Hunt Harris

Another day, another dead body. It’s all in a day of the life of Salem Grimes.

Salem Grimes figures even a God who works in mysterious ways wouldn’t resort to a dead body in a dumpster in answer to Salem’s prayers to help her stay on her diet – excuse me – Strat-EAT-Gic plan.

But a dead body in a dumpster it is, and now Salem and Viv, her octogenarian partner-in-crime-solving, are on the case once again. Salem finds the search for the killer a satisfactory distraction from all the things she needs distraction from – “dates” with the husband she hasn’t known for the past decade, growing jealousy of Viv’s friendship with Dale-the-Annoying-Hanger-On, and a mentor who says things that – okay, maybe Salem needs to hear, but she really doesn’t want to.

As she seeks peace amidst praying prairie dogs and too much Chinese food, Salem struggles to disentangle what she believes from what she thinks she should believe, and – most frightening of all, the possibility that she might have to figure out for herself just where the truth lies. Oh, and avoid a murderer on the loose, if she can manage it.

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Purrfect Murder: A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery One by Louise Lynn

Purrfect Murder: A Hazel Hart Cozy Mystery One

by Louise Lynn

Hazel Hart is having a terrible day.

A man is murdered in her Wild @ Hart Photo Studio, and the new sheriff in Cedar Valley not only declares it a crime scene and insults Hazel’s fashion sense, but he also suspects Hazel of the murder!

In order to clear her name and restore her shop’s reputation, Hazel must find the real killer. Problem is, the list of suspects and their secrets seem to grow the deeper Hazel digs. Not to mention the mysterious figure who keeps showing up in Hazel’s photos. Can she unearth the killer before time runs out?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Miami Burn by John D. Patten

Miami Burn

by John D. Patten

Titus is a broken man who arrives in Miami hell-bent on revenge. But when a socialite asks him to find her missing daughter, he finds himself compelled to scour Miami’s sleazy underworld for her.

Titus uncovers a secret big enough for somebody to hire a pro to kill him. The joke’s on them… nobody knows Titus is a pit-bull who won’t be stopped.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled

Murder at Cold Creek College by Christa Nardi

Murder at Cold Creek College

by Christa Nardi

A dead colleague isn’t the best way to start the day.
Although Sheridan Hendley is not a sleuth, when her colleague is murdered she assists the Detective in gathering information. As Sheridan draws connections among the people in Adam’s life, she realizes many women have a strong motive for murder, including her best friend. She keeps asking questions and not the murderer is afraid of what she might know.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy