Mystic Brews Collection 1: Witch and Ghost Mysteries Books 1 through 3

by Alyn Troy

Ghostly Chickens from her dead-ex-boyfriend are the least of April’s worries. She gets an extra shot of strife when ghosts start asking her to spill the coffee beans on their killers. Assisted by her spectral ex, a magical secret agent, and her overcaffeinated familiar, April finds herself in hot water with every new mystery. Can April serve up justice before the next brewing disaster boils over? Begin your journey into the Mystic Brews cozy mystery series today. If you like sassy heroines, colorful characters, and a side of spells with your cuppa joe, then you’ll love Alyn Troy’s magical whodunnits. This volume contains the first three books of the Mystic Brews series.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy