Nailgun Killer

by Jim Heskett

A devoted cult member. An unforgiving leader. One man’s last chance to save his sister…

Micah Reed has a price on his head. With a devious Denver drug dealer threatening his family’s lives, he seeks refuge in a nearby ski town and searches for his missing sister.

He never expected that his sibling would fall in with a murderous cult…

Careful not to anger the erratic commune leader Lilah, Micah searches for a way to get him and his sister out alive. As the woman in charge turns her ominous attention toward him, he senses an even greater threat no one sees coming…

Can Micah save his sister and stop the cult before the town is painted with their blood?

Nailgun Killer is the first standalone book in the award-winning and bestselling Micah Reed series, a set of edge-of-your-seat thrillers. If you like suspenseful tension, chilling villains, and complex heroes, then you’ll love Jim Heskett’s dark creation.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime