Native Blood

by Mark Reps

Sheriff Zeb Hanks finds himself ensnarled in a web of mystery and cultural tension as he returns to Graham County. The murder of an Apache girl stirs up echoes of a past unsolved crime, both victims granddaughters of Zeb’s mentors. Set against the backdrop of San Carlos Apache lands, Zeb faces resistance from the tribal chairman and grapples with the complexities of navigating Native American and Anglo cultures. As he delves deeper, Zeb must confront the ghosts of the old west while navigating the challenges of the new. In this riveting tale, Zeb discovers what it truly means to be a sheriff, a friend, and a man of integrity in a world where justice hangs in the balance. NATIVE BLOOD, marks the beginning of the ZEB HANKS MYSTERY series. Follow Sheriff Zeb Hanks and others as they collaborate, bridging the gap between Native Americans and Anglos to solve crimes in southeastern Arizona.

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Category: Mystery – Series