Who would want to kill Sheriff Zeb Hanks? What is it that an ancient Apache woman knows that makes her a target? Could a longstanding myth turn out to be true? Saddle up and enjoy the fast ride in this tale of lust, greed, murder, and revenge.

Sheriff Zeb Hanks gets a dire warning regarding his own life and that of Deputy Jake Dablo from Olga Mae Hooper Feathers. Olga Mae is an elderly sheep and goat herder in the Galiuro Mountains of Graham County. She is at the core of long-standing Native American mysticism and carries many secrets of the past. Some will stop at nothing, including murder, to get Olga Mae to share those secrets. Others want to protect not only the gold, but the history of the Indian nation as well.

This is a stand-alone book in the Zeb Hanks mystery series which take place in rural Arizona. There are 13 books in the series.

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Category: Mystery – Series