NEPTUNE ISLAND: A Fast Paced Action Adventure Thriller (A Lincoln Monk Adventure Book 1)

by Tony Reed

Lincoln Monk, ex-cop, left the rat race, and has a simple life plan—

travel the world, work along the way, and enjoy life

—nothing ever goes according to plan

Lincoln hadn’t been back to the island in quite some time, and for good reason, he wanted to let old wounds heal. However, when he receives an encrypted data drive just days after an old flame dies in mysterious circumstances, he feels compelled to find answers.

So, in the midst of a raging tropical storm, armed with a never give up attitude, and the help from an assorted group of misfits, what starts out as a simple investigation into her death soon becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse played out over an island paradise.

Lincoln’s trail soon crosses path with ruthless billionaire Jonathan Kane. Surrounded by impenetrable cliffs, deadly jungle, and an army of mercenaries, Kane is a man who will stop at nothing to protect his lethal experiments, his groundbreaking technology, and his secluded island complex, from prying eyes and the outside world.

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Category: Thrillers – Pulp