Nerve Damage

by Tom Combs

An Amazon international bestseller
Drake Cody is an emergency physician and researcher with a past no doctor is allowed to have. He has developed a breakthrough drug that may help the paralyzed walk. Greed, corruption, and murder aren’t far behind as renegade agents of the pharmaceutical industry will stop at nothing to pirate the drug and the riches it will bring.
Drake , his wife, and their two young children are swept into a firestorm of crime and intrigue where their lives mean nothing. Drake’s hidden past may keep them aliveā€”or destroy them. Greed, betrayal, and violence confront courage and love of family.
Physician turned bestselling author Tom Combs suspense-packed mystery/thriller explodes with authentic life-or-death action and blast-furnace intense emotion as characters you care about face overwhelming odds.

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Category: Thrillers – Medical