Never Speak: A Mystery Thriller (The Murderous Arts Series)

by John Manchester

Ray Watts is an out-of-work artist and he’s just hit rock bottom. His muse has abandoned him, his girlfriend’s dumped him—and unless he pays his half of the mortgage on their house, he’s about to be homeless too. He’s suddenly reminded of the last time he hit rock bottom—of a time long ago when he and his wife were members of a cult. A cult ruled by a single, sinister commandment: NEVER SPEAK ABOUT WHAT WE DO.

Ray takes up with a new muse: he’ll publish a tell-all book about the old cult leader, use the advance money to pay off his half of the mortgage, and all his problems will be solved. Unless that brick through his window was more than a random act of vandalism. Unless that burnt effigy was more than a practical joke. He’s slowly bringing his troubling past back to life…one word at a time. Can he stay one step ahead, or will the truth get buried…and him with it?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies