Newborn Pixie Cozy Mysteries – Books 1-3

by Willow Mason

A strange inheritance, a screaming ghost, and a backward aging cat. Welcome to Pixie-hood!

When I arrive in Oakleaf Glade to claim an inheritance, I imagine it’ll run to a few hundred in a savings account, not an entire house! I’d thank my lucky stars except for the experiences that come part and parcel with the arrangement. Things like my hair turning bright pink and trending skywards, or a kitten who I swear can understand me when I talk.

Soon I’m stumbling across mysteries and strange happenings everywhere I go. With the help of my familiar, Muffin, plus an assortment of supernatural and human friends, I track down clues in the hope of stopping criminals or monsters before they can wreak any further harm.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy