by Paul Bennett

DUE DILIGENCE: Nick’s out of prison and he just wants to put his life back together but it’s not long before he finds himself in trouble with the police again.

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: Nick is questioning a small-time fraudster but it turns out his crimes weren’t so petty after all. Unable to trust his colleagues he decides to go it alone. Will his decision finally get him killed?

FALSE PROFITS: Nick’s lover is caught up in a property scam and wants to use his skills to bring down the conmen. Can Nick scam the scammers or will his plan backfire?

THE MONEY RACE: A local councillor’s daughter and several hundred thousand pounds of council funds are missing. It’s up to Nick Shannon to find out who’s responsible.

BLUE ON BLUE: When it’s police against the police, it’s a Blue on Blue, and no good ever comes from it. Nick’s digging deep into the world of the police and doesn’t like what he finds.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime