No Halo Required

by Travis Casey

Isaiah Hightower is a man admired by the black community. A man who does good works. A respected member of society. A man so admired by his wife she is blind to his indiscretions.

When Yvette witnesses her husband’s greatest sin, it sets off the moral struggle of her life.
One lie will ensure nothing changes. But at what cost?

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Category: Suspense

The Mayor’s Race

by Travis Casey

Cory Logan retired from boxing after winning millions of dollars, but he never won a world title. When he dies, all he’ll have is a headstone that no one will visit. To live in infamy, he wants a sports facility named after him. The only thing that stands in his way is the mayor of Hilton Head, who insists it be named after an African American.

Yvette Tyson is frustrated since she divorced her cheating husband. She struggles with her new life, embarrassed by her past and unable to gain the respect she once had. Does she really have to spend the rest of her life working the graveyard shift at the supermarket?

When Cory runs into Yvette, their past lives converge. It soon becomes clear that Yvette winning the mayor’s office would benefit both of them.

It’s a simple case of Black and White.

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