Of Half a Mind

by Bruce M. Perrin

When you talk to yourself, there’s only one voice. When you look at something in your mind’s eye, there’s but one image.

Psychologist Sam “Doc” Price and his team had always held these principles to be true … at least, under normal circumstances. But as they studied the work of a brilliant but troubled neuroscientist, they began to wonder. He claimed his device could rewire the human brain.

But as their awe of what might be possible grew, so did their unease about what was implied. Just beyond what they could prove, there seemed a dark side of the technology and perhaps, a man who had succumbed to it. Was he watching? Was he coming for them? And when they finally secured the evidence they sought, only one question remained. Now that they knew, could they survive the brutal truth?

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers

A Mind Sleuth Series Triple: Books 2 – 4

by Bruce M. Perrin

Finding a killer in the dizzying explosion of new technologies and the vast, uncharted territory of the human mind takes a range of skills. Nicole Veles, biomedical engineer, knows the emerging tech and the risks it poses. Sam “Doc” Price, cognitive psychologist, brings knowledge of that small portion of the brain we understand. And Rebecca Marte, FBI agent turned private investigator, has the toughness and skills necessary to unmask these technology-wielding villains.

Sometimes working together, sometimes alone, and on occasion, apparently working against each other, these three individuals tackle the cases that defy standard law enforcement practice—cases that will make up tomorrow’s headlines.

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