On American Soil: Jihad

by D. S. Wall

Special Agent Grace Madson knew they had arrived. She didn’t know who the terrorists were or what they had planned but knew a deadly attack was coming sooner rather than later.
Some were young men in the country on student visas. Others were older, more experienced fighters who slipped over the border from Mexico. All of them came to kill Americans — to bring their holy war with the United States to American soil.
She had to find them before it was too late, and she resorted to unconventional means — something she knew her boss wouldn’t approve — so she didn’t tell him.

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Category: Thrillers – Terrorism


by D. S. Wall

Special Agent Grace Madson and her team don’t know how far the tentacles of the conspiracy reach.
A kill team has orders to assassinate a member of Congress. A massive protest will turn violent at precisely the right time.
And another ominous threat emerges. What is a fugitive terrorist doing on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House? One thing’s for sure, he’s not in Washington to sightsee.
While the FBI and Metro PD scramble to control the known threats, Grace’s Special Investigations Unit hunts the jihadist. He has eluded them before, and it cost innocent lives. This time, they intend to shoot first.
Unfortunately, no one, not even the billionaire orchestrating the subversion, understands who pulls the strings.

$0.99 Previously $3.99